Honda Accord 2000 Transmission Gone

Hi all! I have a question. I have a 2000 Honda and the transmission is GONE! I had it since college and for the last year it’s just been sitting in my drive way as my husband swears, one of these days, he’s going to fix it. He hasn’t yet. I’m tired of looking at it and want to sell it. It has not been driven in over a year. What could I do? Do I a.) sell the car for parts B.) take it to the Honda dealer c.) sell it on craigslist. I suppose someone who is good with those cars could put a new transmission in and it’ll drive like new. I’m tired of asking my husband, because it seems like he just wants to keep the car, but I want to sell. Does any one have any insight on how I can go about getting this thing out of my driveway. One more week of this and I’m going to loose it. HELP! I’m located in the Baltimore area. If I sell, what is an estimated price point?

Scrap is 300? How many miles? Less than 100k? Ex? V6? Leather, sunroof? Rebuilt trans are 1700? You could fix it and sell it for more than 2k? Maybe

Most Honda tranny rebuilds are more like $3500…List it on craigslist as a 'Needs Repair Tow-Away"…It’s value depends on it’s total mileage and overall condition…$300 to $1000 depending…

Ok great! It has about 200,000 DX, no leather, no sunroof, no frills guys lol! Overall condition is alittle rough, but no dents, accidents, just needs a nice paint job. Tires are new. Engine is great, new alternator inserted also. So just list it on craigslist and see if i get a bite. Great. I really don’t have the energy to even go thorugh getting the car fixed, so it definiltely need to list. Any other price advice guys now that you know the details? Thanks!

I’d put $1000/obo on your ad.

A 14 year old, 200k miles Honda that is described as a little rough, needing paint, and with a shot transmission is scrap value at best and a new alternator does not add to the overall value.

If someone offers 3-400 dollars as is on CL you better take it.

Sell it for parts. There’s lots of old Hondas around so the $400 should be about right.

I gotta go with ok4450. Age, condition and mileage plus high priced Honda transmissions means scrap. Call a couple yards and pick the best offer. They’ll come and tow it away and pay you a few hundred too. That’s what they do for a living.