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98 Honda Accord - sell in parts or donate?

I have a 98 Honda Accord (only owner) and have taken good care of it over the years. However, both the transmission and clutch are gone (at 147,000 miles). The cost of the replacement is higher than the value of the car. So, we want to see if we can get anything for it. Someone suggested posting it to sell (whole) for parts. We have 4 all weather fairly new tires on it that cost us $450+.

Any suggestions? Without a transmission or clutch, not sure if any charitable organization wants it.

A side note - we don’t live in a situation where we can take apart the car, the buyer would have to take the whole vehicle.


If it’s in very good shape, post it on as a repairable for $1.200. You’ll get it.


I completely agree with Tester. Its fully repairable & there are plenty of people running around out there that are very comfortable dropping a clutch & transmission into it & getting a good car for not much $$.

You can also donate it without trouble. Organizations that take old cars usually only need them to be complete - not fully working. At the very least they can get scrap value out of them which is not peanuts right now. I know nothing specific about the tax stuff but you might even be able to write it off at it book value.

SURELY…where are you located anyway? Near Philly? I’d have that Honda up and running in a weekend. FULLY repairable IMHO. That vehicle has A LOT of value in it still. People are always on the lookout for a HOnda in need…Your Accord is literally at its 50% mark for life remaining…it can and will easily Double that mileage before things start to wear out…

What was the estimate to repair? From who?
No need to go to the dealer for this kind of out-of-warranty work.

Shop around for a good independent, non-chain transmission shop.
At worst you have to get a used transmission.

A 98 Accord with only 147,000 miles is worth repairing. Shop around.

There is someone here with a 98 Accord who might want your engine. BTW, I can see the need for the clutch but are you sure you need a transmission. Clutch problems can make it seem like there are transmission problems too.

If you are ready to move on Craigslist is a good place.

Shop around a little more if you want to drive on with this old car. The junkyard/auto recycler is a good source for a manual transmission. A new clutch replacement is not so bad either when replacing a transmission too.

If you really want to donate the car instead of dealing with selling it for parts, it is definitely wanted in any condition. But if you choose to donate your car, donate it directly, to the Salvation Army or to Habitats for Humanity, or whatever charity you want that raises money this way. NPR wants your car as well, btw. If you itemize, you will get a tax break for donating the car.

Where is the car located? Rocketman