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Honda 200 accord - little black buttons

I just bought a used accord ( 2000 ) on the cieling between the lights are 3 little black buttons , when I push them a little red light goes on.

What are these for ?

How can they be used ?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a Homelink garage door opener. Do you have an owner’s manual? If not, it would be worth it to download one or to get a printed one, and then read it.

In two words - owner’s manual -. Is “Don’t have one cuz it’s a used car” your excuse ? I can only say , do everything you need to do to get one. you will always need it.

It is the garage door opener. As tardis said, it is a homelink system. If you don’t have a garage, you can program up to 3 electrical devices to turn on when you hit the button. You will need homelink modules for each device you want to turn on. It could be lights or a coffee maker or nothing. It’s your choice. I have mine programmed for our two garage doors. I don’t have a use for the 3rd button.