Homemade bypass for 2003 Land Rover Discovery traction control/ABS/HDC lights?

What is the detriment to making a home-made bypass to the ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch to eliminate the “3 amigo’s” (Traction Control/ABS/HDC) that will turn these fault lights off?

How about the other option . . . ?

Fix the problem, so that you won’t have to modify anything?

Is it possible you already know what the problem is, but don’t want to spend the money for a proper repair?

Don’t take this the wrong way . . .

I’m imagining a scenario where you perform some kind of modification, so that those warning lights never come on, then you sell the vehicle to somebody, don’t mention the modification, and they assume the abs system is fully functional

It’s possible you intend to drive the vehicle until the wheels fall off, and then you’ll junk it

But I don’t really know you, and there are unscrupulous people who would do what I mentioned in my scenario


I bought it for a family member’s first car& I live in snow country. Will the ABS still work? Of course I grew up before ABS, so I can handle sliding around. In fact I’d rather not use an ABS system, I’d prefer the days before.

All the more reason to have functioning ABS .


Not if the problem that is causing the ABS light to fire is still a problem…I highly doubt you’ll find a mechanic who is willing to bypass and automatically keep lights shut off for you…

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Find out what it’ll cost to get this (and other hiding problems) fixed, then decide if it’s worth the $$. These can be absolute money pits, better to get out before you start digging.

Deep money pits. Not exactly the best choice for someones first vehicle.