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1998 Toyota Camry ABS Question

I just acquired the car which used to be my mother’s until her recent death. My question is regarding the ABS…the last 3 years, the ABS light has been on…checked the code and its a computer malfunction. Too expensive to repair but I am planning to sell it…I need to turn the ABS light off so it won’t scare people off…could I cut the wires from the computer and that would turn the light off? Or what would you suggest? Thanks!

I’d suggest a course in ethics.

Excuse me…I do not need your smart-aleck attitude. I just asked a question. That doesnt mean I am a fraud. I was just curious…if you saw a car with an ABS light on, would you purchase it?

A newly purchased used car has to go through State safety inspection before it can be registered by the new owner. The ABS light, which comes on for a few seconds when the ignition key is turned ON, is one of those things checked.
There is too much chance for a deployed air bag (very expensive) for the shade-tree mechanic to mess with. You may not need to go to the dealer for repair, check with an independent repair shop.

Not all states require this inspection. Here in GA, there is no such animal.

Cutting wires will not work. You need to remove the ABS light bulb from the dashboard, and hope some rube falls for it. BTW, I would not. First thing I do looking at a used car is that all the lights glow on start-up as a self-test.

Of course you could just tell them the truth. It will cost you a sale or two, and maybe some money on the inevitable sale, but anything else is just slimey.

What does ABS have to do with the SRS and airbags? Just asking.


Actually, he is a jerk with no sense of morals or ethics.

Excuse me, you want us to help you hid the fact that a safety feature on your car is not functional?  I don't think anyone around here is going to be interested in helping you intentionally putting someone else at risk by intentionally hiding the fact that it is not functioning????