My ABS unit is out. I know I can brake without it. So is there any reason that I really need to get it fixed? It’s pretty expensive.

In a skid, you may find yourself with the 4x4 drivers who think they’re invincible.

You don’t say what you’re driving. If a large vehicle, you may be wise to fix it now.

Before you give up, get another opinion. I don’t know which “unit” you’re talking about, but there are several minor problems that will make the ABS warning light come on.

If the expensive parts really have failed, replacing them is entirely up to you. Many of us out here drove for YEARS before there was such a thing as ABS, and most of us have survived to tell about it.

you will have normal braking without the abs working,it wont be any harder to push the pedal,but you could skid on wet or icy roads,but hey,we didnt used to have abs in the 80s,and managed then so dont worry!!!

I strongly suggest you get it fixed. Many years ago in the dark ages, I had just got my drivers license. I was driving down Interstate 71 on Thanksgiving morning. SUPRISE, I became car #17 in a 17 car 1 truck accident. With ABS on my car, it would have likely been a 16 car accident, but now I have two fewer teeth than I had when I work up that morning.

Most people will never need it, but those that do will be very happy they had it. Sorry to say a lot of people think they don’t need it. They have not needed it YET.

If you are inquiring about that older Acura skip it. The car is likely headed for the scrap heap soon anyway.

Sorry, clicked in the wrong place.

Obviously I must have been thinking of the power assist steering going out and being harder to turn the wheel. I better edit my previous post.