Holding up to Florida heat



I recently heard a comment by a mechanic that VWs do not hold up well to Florida heat. Can anyone else support this or had issues with other makes in Florida due to the high heat?


They are made in Mexico and hold up OK in Mexican heat…Is Florida heat different?

VW’s are not the most reliable vehicles made, heat or no heat…


Are we talking the vintage air-cooled V-Dubs, or the modern water-cooled variety? I drove a classic air-cooled VW for years as a college student in Tampa. These cars are very maintenance hungry and require a lot of attention to keep running. But, I had very few issues I could point to because of the sub-tropical climate. Mostly you could feel the performance drop off after sitting in traffic in 100-deg stifling heat.

This of course doesn’t relate to any late-model VWs.


Whoever told you that is just trying to discourage you from buying a VW. Volkswagen vehicles are sold all over the world, and operate in extremes of heat and cold, just like all other brands.

There’s nothing to back up the mechanic’s assertion.


If you keep any car in good running condition, it will be fine in Florida. Look around. I bet you see lots of VWs on the road. If the Florida heat didn’t agree with them, there wouldn’t be so many.


Most VWs sold in the US are made in either Mexico or Brazil, two countries at least as hot as Florida.

VWs have proven themselves to be less reilable than some other vehicles, but that has nothing to do with the ambient temperature.