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99 vw beetle from mexico

dear Click and Clack ,i live and juarez mexico border with el paso,i hace listen for your show for many years,i enjoy your advice and how you both guys enjoy life,this time i am writing for help,i will purchased a 99 vw beetle with 150,000 miles and bad motor mounts cheap i am aware of the cost of parts,here in mexico the mechanics labor is not that expensive,also what parts must be replaced ona 150,000 mile 99 beetle,thanks please answer me ,

You need a trusted mechanic to check out the car. Make sure the timing belt has been replaced, and if you are unsure about it, get it replaced now, along with the tensioner and water pump. General maintenance as listed in the owner’s manual, needs to be done unless you know they have already been done.

The Mexican Beetle is a true “Beetle.” It is air cooled and has a timing gear. And the engine was supported at the bell housing only. But then I am ‘assuming’ that Pancho is speaking of the Mexican Beetle and not a new Beetle from Wolfsburg.

We need to know if your “Beetle” is the old air cooled type or the new Beetle with a water cooled engine.

If it is air cooled it was likely rebuilt a few times already over 150K miles. Rebuilding the air cooled engines isn’t too hard and you can buy new cylinder “pots” so there is no boring out needed. You just unbolt the old pot, and install a new one X 4.

Valves need adjusting on these Beetles and if not adjust periodically the valves burn and you lose compression. It might not need it right away, but if you plan on keeping the car for awhile find out who does a good job rebuilding them and the cost. Then budget for a rebuild in the future.

sorry corection its a new beetle is the car i will buy,true in mexico the old beetle was made till 2003 thanks

The VW factory in Puebla, 2 hours SE of Mexico City, produces the New Beetles. I drive by there to and from the border. We see transporters on the cuota to Vera Cruz, loaded with them.

In Mexico, the old Beetle is called the Sedan. Sometimes they call them Vochos.

One sees old Things, the WWII German jeep thingie, in perfect condition. I think those are called Safaris.