VW Help

I recently signed VW of America as a new client. The problem I face is that, living in Detroit, I have always tried to buy my cars from my customers. For years I have had Ford as a customer and have driven Ford vehicles and have had Toyota OEM’s as clients and have bought Toyota cars for my wife. Now I’d like to replace the old Taurus with a new VW, but I have no idea which one to choose. Are their any VW lovers out their who can recommend their favorite vehicle?

The Passat and the Rabbit are built in Germany, I believe. VWs built in Germany have had fewer problems than those built in Mexico (all the others). The Mexican built units have had significant quality problems.

The Rabbit is getting very good reviews as an agile and fast car that is fun to drive. The Passat is a top rated car by Consumer Reports, but expect it to be expensive to operate, about 2 times the maintenance and repair costs of a Taurus. If your company pays the bills that should not be a worry.

I am not a VW lover, since I have never been able to justify the higher maintenance and repair costs compared to Japanese and domestic cars.

Time to stop at a dealer and do some looking tyre kicking and a few test drives. If everyone liked the same things in cars, they would only make one model.