Hot weather cars

Are American cars that are sold in the hot places in the US, such as Florida, Arizona Texas, etc, made any differently than cars sold in colder climes. For instance, different cooling systems, better air con, etc? I’m thinking of buying a Mustang convertible and shipping it to Dubai, and back again in a year ot two when I leave here.

They are identical, nothing different in the cooling system or that matter anything else.

Nope, only difference I know of is the added pollution controls some cars have for California and east coast states. Other models are ‘50 state compliant’, and have no differences.

No differences in the US. If I recall correctly, Ford does make some subtle changes to Panther Platform cars shipped to GCC states. It might be fun to find out what they are. They are popular cars there. There are several posters from that area at They may know something about Mustangs that are shipped there. You could register and PM them to make the inquiries fast. You might find better info at 'stang boards. I don’t frequent them.

There are differences in how people order cars in different areas. Black interiors tend to be less popular where there is a lot of heat and sun for a very good reason.

Is our Uncle Sugar footing the bill for this? What with the economic collapse in Dubai, you might be able to pick up something more interesting once you get there…How many miles of paved road in Dubai?

Some people used to say that some Florida cars had no heater, but I don’t know if it is true. You can probably make money when you sell a Mustang in Dubai.

Cars sold in colder climates often have a cold weather package that in my case was a block heater and heated mirrors, it may include heated seats and heated windsheild washer also. I am not aware of a warm weather package, though a towing package might include a larger radiator, trans fluid and oil cooler, not a bad thought if Dubai is hot.

In the past, when most vehicles only had idiot lights, cars and trucks for the Middle East market had a full set of gauges. As well the standard Heavy Duty cooling system, such as in taxis and police cars, were included.

Most Chevy Suburbans were shipped with front and rear air conditioners, an option in the US, I believe.

The major difference, of course, is the metric instrument package, showing km/hr and kms on the odometer and degrees C on the temperature gauge.

If you’re shipping a US car to Dubai, make sure it meets local requiements. Some countries demand metric instrumentation! Other than that, order the heavy duty cooling system if it’s an option on that car.

Mechanically there’s no difference. There are features on cars/trucks sold in different areas of the country. Most cars come with most of these features no matter where you live. But years ago…Rear-Defroster was pretty much only sold in the northern states…AC the south.

New York state was the first to make rear window defrosters mandatory equipment. Now virtually every car has them. I remember retrofitting them on a car back in the 60s.

I retrofitted a couple cars with them. I loved that option when it came out.

Vehicle manufacturers have export versions that are different than the versions sold in the US.

For example, many vehicles are shipped to the Middle East with higher speed rated tires than what is sold in the US:

  1. Export versions do NOT count on CAFE requirements, so the tires can be designed without considering rolling resistance.

  2. Higher speed rated tires do better in hot climates.