Hitch for 2004 honda civic ex (2 door)


looking for a decent priced, easy to install hitch for my 2004 honda civic. recently started riding a lot (i don’t want a trunk-mounted rack screwing with my paint job) and i’m looking for recommendations. i’ll only haul max of 2 bikes (the pedal power variety) on a hitch-mounted rack once i get the hitch installed. any suggestions??


I looked at Reese-hitches.com and they make one. It’ll mount under the rear bumper. Find a place that sells trailers. They usually install hitches also. Reese and draw-tite (owned by Reese) are about the best you can get…U_Haul is Draw-Tite, so check them out also.

This should NOT be a major installation since you won’t actually be towing so you don’t need a wiring harness. When I put the hitch on my Pathfinder and 4runner the hardess part was the wiring harness. Putting the hitch on was easy.


If your car is not rated as a towing vehicle, then nobody is going to make a hitch for it. I suspect there is nothing to bolt a hitch to except light gauge sheet metal or plastic. Google “Honda Civic trailer hitch” and see what you get…


Look at the hitches from Draw-tite