Aftermarket trailer hitch?




I own a 2007 Honda Pilot AWD and want to install a trailer hitch. There are two options, either the original Honda hitch or an aftermarket solution.

- The Honda hitch is $876 plus installation costs. It supports up to 4500 lb towing capacity on AWD. The image does not show any wiring harness.

- A Uhaul hitch costs about $250 (including some wiring) without insatllation.

Is there anything that would warrant the high price for the Honda hitch? I assume it has to be connected to the frame, so does Honda make for example a better job of preventing corrosion?

If you think aftermarket is the way to go, would you go with Uhaul or what qulity aftermarket solution would you go for?

Thanks a lot for the help!



I would think the aftermarket would be cheaper AND beefier. Installation might be $100 at shop. Reese is a good maker. I bought a nice Reese hitch for only $100 or so, about 10 yrs ago.


I would avoid both U-Haul and Honda for a hitch. Find a good independent hitch installer. You pay extra for the names with the other two. A Reese or other aftermarket hitch will be as good, if not better, than the others.

Make sure to ask about wiring and what is included in the installation. Some places charge separately for the wiring.


Drawtite makes an easy hitch to install…on my RAV the hitch just used the same attachment points as the two rear towing brackets. Took me ten minutes to install.


I doubt that Honda makes a hitch, they have someone else make it under contract and put their name on it. Reese and Drawtite make a lot of hitches that are custom designed for various vehicles.

As for wiring. The vehicle has a connector in the rear that is separated and a wiring harness is inserted between the two halves. Takes about 2 min to install. The harnesses are also available aftermarket.


Reese and Drawtite are both good and I’ve used both. I wouldn’t deal with U Haul period. Its possible that the Honda (probably made by Drawtite) hitch also included other towing package items like trans cooler, suspension, heavy duty cooling, etc. so you maybe aren’t comparing apples to apples. Seems like an awful lot for a Honda to pull.