Hondas and bike racks

I recently bought a 2009 Honda Civic 4-dr sedan ex only to discover that it would not support the strap on Thule bike rack I own. Since I have a full-suspension mountain bike, I have not been all that happy with bike racks from which bikes are suspended as they generally do not conform to the various shapes of mountain bike frames.

Here was a chance, I thought, to install a 1.25" hitch so that I could put a platform style rack on the back. In talking with U-Haul, I discovered that they would need to drill through the body of the car around where the spare tire is stored. Not thinking that was such a good idea, I called my Honda dealer to get an opinion. And yes, the dealer service rep concurred. He then went on to see if there was any way to configure a rack to my car, and said he could not find one - the trunk mount and hitch were out. I didn’t think to ask about a roof rack, but am not interested in that configuration anyway.

Question: is this the end of the line? Or, should I go ahead and have holes drilled in the car for the hitch mount? Are there any strap on mounts that could be used?

I can’t see any problems with drilling holes in the trunk floor as long as enough sealant or grommets are used to keep the water out and prevent corrrosion. The last car I did this to a Mercury Comet on which I put a Ford OEM heavy duty hitch for our camper. The heavy bar actually supplied additional crash protection,since the Comet gas tank was located just behing the rear bumper, like on the infamous Pinto!

I would trust a reputable hitch company to offer a good design that does not impair the integrity of the car.

My son is a bike enthusiast and he’s putting a hitch mounted carrier on the back of his Mazda 3.

All the cool Tour de France chase/support vehicles mount the racks on TOP (roof) of their Fiats… That way you get maximum aerodynamic drag and everyone can see the logos painted on the bike frames…

I see no problem with installing a hitch-mount. What’s a few more holes?? Be sure to fill out an affidavit attesting to the fact it was only used for a bike mount and not towing a 20’ travel trailer…The second owner of the car will feel better…

There are plenty of strap-on bike racks that could be used. You should go to a good bicycle shop and ask them to show you your options. If you don’t find anything you like, go with the trailer hitch. If it is installed properly, the holes they drill will be sealed well.

Get the hitch mount.

What does the owner’s manual say about mounting a trailer hitch? Please read the manual before you allow U-Haul to drill holes in the car. It may void the warranty.

Some cars won’t allow it, but I’d recommend a 2" receiver hitch. If smaller, adapters can be used as there are lots of choices for racks with 2". I try to put it on on every car I’ve ever owned. Being a sports minded family, there are just too many toys out there.

I installed one on a previously owned SAAB and I had to drill the trunk using reinforcing straps from above and weld additional supports to the bumper mounts. The car was rear ended two weeks later doing no damage to the car but punching a hole in the offending vehicle’s radiator (Linc. Town Car). I have one on my rear bumper less RAV as well, as much for protection as anything else.

Big problem could be tail drag on lower cars (Accord) in driveway dips.
Drilling has to be done carefully as you now may have exhaust fume access if not.

Towing with it will void the warranty, but there is no reason putting a hitch-mounted bike rack on it should void the warranty.