Tow hitch for my 2008 Honda Pilot

I want a tow hitch so I can use a Thule bike rack to carry my bikes. Probably will never tow anything serious. Honda says I need a trani and power steering cooler in order to have the tow hitch installed. Do I need the coolers to tow 200 pounds of bike rack and bikes? Honda wants $1100.00 for the tow package installed. Your thoughts?


Why not get a bike rack that attaches to the back hatch, instead? Honda wants to cover themselves, and want to upgrade all of that to cover in case you do tow with the tow hitch. After all, that is what the tow hitch is designed for. However, a bike rack that can be attached to the rear hatch will not require any of that, and probably cost less than an after-market tow hitch, and not void your warranty, or be a reason Honda could deny warranty coverage in the event something breaks.

Here you go:

I prefer the look you get with the Hidden Hitch.

These are easy to install, even for a beginner.

Forgot to add: No, you don’t need the coolers if you aren’t going to tow a trailer.

You can buy a Honda accessory hitch for around $200 at I have spelled the website correctly, Honda is spelled with an R in their address. A body shop should be able to install it for you for less then $100. The coolers are not required for a bike rack, Honda is just very wary of people towing without the coolers. Honda transmissions have a bad reputation for premature failure, these SUV’s really are not designed for towing.

Why not get a bike rack that attaches to the back hatch, instead?

Ever use one of those??? I have…they get in the way…if you need to get in the back you have to REMOVE the bikes and hatch.

The hitch receiver with the attachment for bikes is and excellent way to do it. I own one…but I can tow with mine too…

For the hitch…Reese/DrawTite are the number one names in hitches. You can’t get any better. I’d also get the bike carrier from them. They make several models and not all can be used for towing. Just make sure the bike carrier matches the hitch…i.e. Class III hitch with Class III bike carrier.