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Hit curb, now rumbling/grinding noise when braking

Hey all. New to the forum (and not exactly an expert), here to get some input on a recent problem with my '03 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
So, I hit a curb with my front-right wheel going about 30 the other day. Since then, I’ve been getting this loud rumbling/grinding sound, with a little shaking, from underneath the front of the vehicle. Almost sounds like the brakes grinding, or like metal dragging on the ground underneath, but when I looked I didn’t see anything. It happens when I’m braking or moving at a low speed. As far as I can tell, alignment is fine, but I could be wrong.
Any ideas on what could be going on? I’ll take it into the shop as soon as possible, but wanted to get some opinions first. Is it safe to keep driving?

Wheel bearing took the hit is my guess. I wouldn’t drive it until you’ve had a shop put it on their lift and take a look at it.


A wheel bearing is a likely suspect. With the car jacked up and the wheel off the ground you might try rotating the wheel by hand while placing your other hand on the back of the steering knuckle in the bearing area. If it is a bearing one should be able to feel the roughness in the steering knuckle.

Another suspect could be a bent brake rotor shield.

I would wager (quite strongly) that something in the suspension and/or steering (control arm/tie rod/etc) is bent after an impact like that.

One might get by driving it slowly for a while but no high speed and don’t go too far from the house.

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