Hit a pole. Now there is a bit of rust

I hit a pole in the winter now there is some rust on the bumper where I hit it. Also there is some rust on the tailgate. Would a body shop be able to fix the bumper? and what be the best move to deal with the rust on the tailgate. I’ll attach a picture.

It really depends on how much you care about perfection, some rust blocker and paint is the cheap option.

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Yes a body shop can fix it. But so can you with some proper automotive touchup paint, some fine sandpaper, primer and rust inhibitor. All available at your local auto parts store or over the internet plus YouTube videos on how to do it your self.

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Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the tips

Isn’t that a plastic bumper? Doesn’t look like rust to me, but yeah you local neighborhood body shop can fix you right up. If you have to ask, don’t do it yourself.

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That dark red-brown stuff could be paint from the pole you hit. First see if it’s steel, just see if a magnet sticks to it. If not, it may well be paint and should come off with some fine rubbing compound.