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Rust from pipe leaking on to car

I park in a parking garage for work. A rusted pipe leaked on to my car hood for a while apparently and now my hood is rusted. I took it to a body shop down the street and the serviceman said I needed to repaint and reseal the hood and front bumper.

I went to my garage ownership and complained and they said they will take care of it and gave me a number to call. The repairman made it sound like he wants to just “buff it out”.

I’m not a car expert by any means. Does this seem like a “cheap” fix and should I argue more with my garage?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

Tough to tell from the pic. But it might just be rust being deposited on top of the paint from the rusted pipe. This would have to have been there a long long time in order for the water to eat through the paint and actually cause the body on your car to rust.

Buffing paint is common practice for surface damage. I’d let him buff it out and see how it looks.

You really don’t have a choice. Get it done right, though. Buffing will likely remove some or all of the clear coat. The detailer needs to replace the clear coat after removing the rust spot. Even though the rust is on top of the clear coat, it is small particles that will scratch the clear coat as these particles are removed. Polishing out the small scratches will remove the clear coat. Ask what process they use. If they do not plan to repair the clear coat, tell the garage manager that their plan is unacceptable and why.

It looks like it’s just a stain. Buffing or clay should remove it

Yep its just a stain. It gets removed from the surface of the paint. I clay and buff my cars at least once a year so don’t worry about paint loss.

Scratch Doctor will remove the rust stains from the paint surface.


Thank you everyone very much for all your help! Much appreciated!