Car Body Rust Paint Repair Kit

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I have a 2005 Camry. Looking to repair some rusty spots on the body.
Something similar to this video. Except I would need a clear coat as well.
Can anyone recommend like a kit that I could buy that would include everything I would need? I know replacing the panel or welding in new metal would be more ideal, but I don’t have that option. I was hoping to get a body piece from a junked car at a junk yard to do a practice run first to see how it comes out and learn from it, before I do it on my daily driver.

Thanks and thanks.

There’s no such kit if you want satisfactory results.

The video fails to mention, the rust you see is only about 30% of the amount of rust that’s actually there.

Go on Youtube and look for how to do a proper rust repair on a car panel.


Thanks for the help! I’m going to watch some more videos on YouTube. Do you have any other videos in particular that you would recommend?

That tailgate rusted from the inside out. Do you have rust holes or surface rust?


you can find supplies and video help here…
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I have rust bubbles/holes

It depends on the exact nature of the rust problem, and how much you care about the appearance of the fix. If the rust affects the structural integrity, that’s handled much differently than cosmetic rust. Likewise rust affecting inaccessible metal is repaired differently than rust on a single piece of readily accessible sheet metal. My dad used to fix non-structural rust-through holes on single sheets on the fender of his truck by sanding away as much of the rust as possible on the painted side, then using epoxy to glue a thin metal patch (that he obtained from a beer can) over the hole. A little Bondo, sanding, spray paint, good enough, at least from 6 feet away. If the rust begins anew, repeat. I’m more of the “replace the rusted part” philosophy myself. When my truck’s tailgate rusted through, I purchased a used one from the salvage yard.

That means you’ll have to repair the inside also, otherwise just making the outside look good will be a waste of time and money.

Must live in the rust belt?


Haha yep! I recently change the oil on someone’s one year old car. It’s amazing what just a single winter will do! I mean it was nothing pad like above. Just a lot of fasteners, break calipers, the inside of the break rotors… already getting a little rusty

So AutomotiveTouchup is recommend for DIY repairs?

you can get the paint. clear, and body work supplies you need their. they have help videos you can look at. you can look up your paint color from your door jamb. you can get paint in a bottle, pen, spray can, or larger for spray gun. they mix the paint for your vehicle code when you order from what they say. I have ordered from them and have not had a problem.

What will your instructors think of you calling brake parts 'break ’ in this automotive class you are taking?

I’m going to give you some advice from someone who’s lived in the rust belt their entire life.

On a 15 year old car, when you start seeing rust holes on the outside of the body, you have to consider if any other rust is effecting the uni-body construction of the vehicle.

Don’t be putting too much money in the way this 15 year old car looks.


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I can second Testers comments. I did a lot of repairs like this when i was young. A year or so later it comes back from the inside.

If you can’t treat the inside of the panel with rust encapsulator or POR 15. It just comes back.

And white is easy to match and blend. Black is easy to match, very hard to blend. Reds are very hard to match.