High piched whine from front right wheel

High piched whine from front right wheel in my 2001 Dodge Stratus. Increases and decreases with wheel speed and stops at 20 mph. Happens any dam time it feels like it hot, cold, short trip, long long trip.

I have had new pads and rotors and bearing replaced to no avail.

Please help!

Are you sure it’s from the wheel?

If the engine is facing toward the passenger side it could be a failing component, like and alternator or a tensioner.

never happens at idle? Check the axle more to the point the boots on the cv joints. It could be a dry joint that is not in failure yet. It just get squeaky sometimes. What is troublesome is you say it is high pitch. It should be a belt or pulley or idler. Drive train noise is usually lower. Brake noise should not be the problem. Nothing else you do aside from speed changes the noise? accelerate? apply brakes?

Brakeing, turning has no effect, it is a noise tied to wheel rotation.
Any other idea’s.
Thanks for reading!

Just a dry CV joint. Has anyone stretched the CV boots back and forth to look for failure in the convolutions? That’s where it usually happens, in those inside folds, and you have to look to find the breech.