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2001 stratus 3.0l V6

I have a 2001 dodge stratus with a 3.0L V6

engine and as of lately it has developed a ticking noise in the upper part of the engine. When I rev the engine up to 1500 rpm, the noise goes away, and also when sometimes I restart the engine the noise is gone. I have checked oil pressure, it is 10 psi hot at idle and 45 psi at high idle. Also I have flushed the lube system with atf and changed the oil and filter.

Anu suggestions out there?

The valve lifters do get noisy in these engines as the miles pile up. Nothing to worry about, usually. Just make sure you are using the recommended viscosity oil.

I agree with NYBo. You may also want to check as to how often you should have your valves adjusted. If it is past due then I would have it done.

If this engine has hydralic lifters then there won’t be any adjustments. You will need to replace lifters. If this is an overhead cam engine then you may be able to adjust them.

3.0l has no valve adj avalable(hydralic)buy 1qt. of a product called rislone comes in a yellow bottle. install in place of 1 qt. of oil at next oil change within 500 miles noise will be gone forever. these lash adjusters have a very small oil feed hole,and does not take alot to partially block the feed.if the engine is sludge filled due to lack of maint however this product will not help.and use only OEM filter it has a built in check valve ,so oil remains in top end when veh is shut down,and does not drain back through oil system.10psi sounds low at idle,was this confirmed with an actual press gauge ,or the veh dash gauge?

Well I got the engine fixed. It turned out to be the timing belt tenioner and the belt was way loose. I thought you all might want to know and maybe it will help somebody else. Thanks for the input.