"High mileage" car

Can I use Mobil 1 in a car w/ 220K miles. The previous owner religiously changed oil @ 3K(NON-M1) and I like M1…

Yes, you can use Mobil 1, but I don’t understand why you’d spend the extra money.

The only exception I know is the Mazda RX-8 does not recommend it.

Otherwise Mobil 1 can be thought of as regular oil with better stability and properties.

I will only add that there are several Mobil 1 oils and not all are good for all cars. Just check your owner’s manual and make sure the Mobil one meets the specification for your car. That would include weight (like 5W40) and specs, (like CH-4 )

Agree that you don’t really need Mobil 1 in such a well worn car. If you DO want to use it, I would use 5W30 in the winter and a heavier weight, such as 5W40 in the summer. If you used the lighter grades, the car would probably use oil, and with Mobil 1 that gets expensive.

Since you are not teling us the make and year of car, I can only warn you to only use oil specified in the OWNER’S manual, if this is a Volkswagen, BMW or other car requiring special oil.