Does Mobil1 "High Mileage" really do anything?

The 2013 Lexus emergencyehicle now has over 100,000 miles.
We buy Mobil1 0W-20 full synthetic “High Mileage” for $22 in 5-qt containers at Wal-mart.
Good to be using their “High Mileage” oil? (75,000 miles)

OK to use their cheaper Wal-mart oil filters?
We change the oil when the “Maintenance Required” illuminates at 5,000-mile intervals.
Almost all travel is on highways and Interstates.

Thank you.

With a 5000 mile interval and mostly highway driving, almost any recent spec oil will do as per your owner’s manual… At that mileage, your Lexus is not likely suffering from any “high mileage” problems such as laky seals.

Since this is an emergency vehicle, you do not state how fast your highway driving is.

Mobil1 is a great oil and I would just keep using it, but a “high mileage” version is not really necessary at this time.

Keep using Mobil 0W-20 in your Lexus,That is what the manufacturer recommands.

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I wouldn’t use the high mileage oil unless you have problems that might indicate it’s use. Use what the manufacturer specifies.

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Thank you.
Mostatransports are 4 mph over the posted speed limit (69 in 65 posted, 79 in 75 posted) which the state patrol says is fine withem.
(One has followed SUVs at 90-95 mph. Presumably they have radar detectors.)

If no hurry, often a more fuel-saving speed lower than the speed limit - always in the right lane.
If emergent and no.ther vehicles, animals, etc. the RX350 has attained 113 mph when its governor makes thengine feel as though some cylinders are not firing. (Some fuel injectors turned off?)

So we stay at 112 mph when safe to do so. Goodyear WeatheReady hybrid tires are rated to 130 mph.

My understanding is that high-mileage oils have additives that swell the rubber seals a bit to help with any leaks. If you don’t have any leaks, I don’t think there’s any benefit.

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Sounds like I should go back to regular Mobil1 0W-20 full synthetic.
Same price as their high mileage formulation.
Then watch for leaks.

The maintenance reminder come on at 5000 miles for tire rotations. Your manual calls for oil changes at 1 year or 10000 miles. However , with your occasional high speed forays , I might stick to the 5000 mile changes.

It is also my understanding that high mileage oils are at the top end of their viscosity range for their rating. If you go much thicker you might end up with a 5W30 or something???

You could get really scientific and send in an oil analysis to a lab such as Blackstone and see what is really different about these oils. You might end up liking a tad thicker oil for those high speed drives.

It is my understanding that Mobil 1 comes in FOUR different types for 0W20. I have a car that also takes this oil and did some research. All are very good oils but some might be better. The two more basic ones are the Advanced Fuel Economy (AFE) in a bottle with a green label and Extended Protection (EP) in a bottle with a gold label. My research indicated that the oil and additive package is a tad better in the EP flavor so that is what I have been using even with the possible expense of some fuel economy. It can be bought in the 5 quart jug at Wal-Mart for around $22-25 depending on the day and store location it is purchased.

Then you have the high mileage formulation as will as the Annual Protection. You are supposed to be able to go a year without changing on that one and it is quite a bit more costly so I have never bought this. It may be great oil but doubt this is needed. My car is also under warranty and those change intervals might be an issue even if the oil and filter are good for it.

You can also watch for a rebate for up to $17 off the cost of 5 quarts and a filter. They do this twice a year and allow two rebates per address each time. I always max out my rebates to have some changes in reserve. Be expecting the fall rebate to be coming soon. The $17 off is currently listed as expired but you can see the details at This basically negates any price premium of buying synthetic oil over conventional and is too good to pass up.

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Oh. In the 1036 page Owners Manual I have not found oil change interval.

DiscounTirebalances and rotates their tires at 5k.

Lexus morons: “General maintenance should be performed on a daily basis. This can be done by yourself or by a Lexus dealer.”

So far, we have not found an air conditioner button to simply turn the air conditioner on or off.
Must always use the mouse to scroll to Climate

Thank you for your wonderful information!

Do they tell anyone about their “promotion”?
Or are we to magically know to go to their website and search for it?
Too busy and no time or desire to play their stupid games.
Whose filter?

We had been using their AFE for fuel $avings.
Mostrips are over 100 miles each trip. (Right now on a deliveryvhich will total 260 miles.)

That’s because it’s not in the owner’s manual! What is in the owner’s manual are instructions to read the Warranty and Service Guide for scheduled maintenance. This separate manual came with the owner’s manual and is about 72 pages, with the maintenance section following the warranty information.

For example:


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There are several books in your owner’s portfolio, the maintenance schedule is in the Warranty and Services Guide.

There is an “OFF” and an “AUTO” button below the radio.

As for the rebate, it applies to most of the Mobil 1 oils and you also have to use a Mobil 1 filter. They are good filters but a tad overpriced without the rebate so this is the only time I get them. If you prefer a different filter and just want the oil, the rebate is $12. I just get the M1 filter and go with it as the rebate makes it decently priced.

You have to go online and check for that promotion. I bet it will start up again in late August or Sept. I just buy two at the same time and am done with it until it rolls around again. You can submit the rebates online so you don’t have to mail anything in. Take a picture of the receipt with your phone and upload it. I hate the rebate game as well but this one is pretty easy and they have always honored them. I don’t think Wal-Mart is on the list but it works everytime for me. This is one of the few reasons I still shop at Wal-Mart.

As for the oil, I think I would go with the EP version if you are really concerned about the protection. All are very good oils but if they are the same price, I think EP is the way to go.

Thank you.
OFF turns off the fan.
If you want outside airflow boosted by the fan, turning the fan ON at any speed turns the AC on.
One must use the mouse to click on CLIMATE and then click AC off.

“Even when the oil maintenence reminder does not appear.”
Does it not appear every 5,000 miles?

FYI: Pennzoil Platinum is also a well-respected oil and gets good ratings. You might also checkout this oil. They also have some nice rebates.

I have never been a Pennzoil guy and this comes from my bias of working inside engines that had used their conventional oils in the past. I know things have really changed and again, these synthetics get excellent reviews. If Mobil 1 was unavailable at the time of purchase I would have no issues using this as a substitute.

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