Car's oil

My car,Mazda RX-8(High performance car)has roughly 20505 miles on it. Car’s been not in use during the winter for full 3 months. There are now residues in the car’s oil. Should I change the oil? Appreciate having more info on the oil change, prices, etc. This car only takes Dexelia Ultra 5W 30.

Yes, you should change the oil. When in doubt, change it out.

For more information on the subject of oils and oil changes, let me suggest a visit to

Yes, change the oil. The rotary engine requires more frequent oil changes than a conventional piston engine. The quickest way to damage a rotary is to ignore its oil requirements. The second quickest is to allow it to overheat.

Follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual for oil change frequency. There is a mileage frequency and a time frequency, whichever comes first.

Oil is cheap. Engines are expensive. Change the oil if you even THINK it should be changed.

Does The Mazda’s Owner’s Manual Specify Only Dexelia Ultra 5W-30 ? Are You In The U.K. ?