High Mileage Car for Tall People

I am 6 ft 3 inches tall. My wife drives a Toyota Corolla whci get about 40mpg on the highway. Our other vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. With the current gas prices, we would like to use the Corolla more for longer trips (when we don’t have towing needs) but I cannot tolerate how cramped I feel driving it.

Can anyone recommend a high mileage car that might fit me better and relieve me of this clostrophopia?

Sorry - just saw a similar question. But I don’t see a way to remove this post - please ignore.

I just read a long-term test of the Honda Fit that mentioned its “cathedral” ceiling, and repeatedly mentioned how roomy it is inside. Nice car, and definitely worth a look.

Does the Corolla have a sun roof? I think the sunroof knocks a couple of inches off the headroom inside. Maybe you could test a different Corolla without a sun roof.

Thanks - headroom is not the issue for me. For that the Corolla is OK. My height is in my legs and I cannot stand the inability to stretch out my legs.

I am six foot so I usually have to slide the seats back all the way when driving small cars. However the last rental car I drove was a Chevy Cobalt, and when I slid the seat all the way back I couldn’t touch the peddles! Made me feel short… The car also drove far nicer then I was expecting.