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2006 Pontiac Grand Prix low beams go out

my low beams continue to go out. I have replaced bulbs, fuses and they continue to go out.

Were the fuses blown? Do the high beams work?
Are you using brand name replacement bulbs?

Having the same problem with my daughters 06 CRV, except it’s all bulbs. . I hooked volt meter to connections and got good and steady voltages with car running. I’ve been using Sylvania bulbs. There is no moisture in the headlight housings. That is important. I am not touching bulbs with my skin. My next plan of action is to replace the connectors and possibly the housings. I think maybe there is too much vibration from bulb to housing retainer. Please post if you found a solution.

That’s one of the first signs that the multi-function switch is beginning to fail.


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That’s interesting. Can you explain how a multi function switch can cause bulb failure?

That’s interesting?

Nowhere does the OP state that the bulbs keep failing?


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Guess I misinterpreted wording. Oops