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Hideous Honda Accord Hybrid Hummmmmm

Hi there,
We have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid that has a hideous hummmm…a basal sound, a very low deep hum. It comes on intermittently - when idling, when driving. You have to rev up the engine to make it go away. The dealer can’t replicate the noise…but we have a line of other passengers who can attest. Any help anyone can provide would be great.
Thanks, Pam and Shauna

With a Hybrid…I cant be the authority that I normally can when we are talking about regular cars. Is it possible that the electric motor in the car could be to blame? I mean does the noise correspond to when that motor may be active possibly? Just a thought. Outside of the Hybrid specific area… Any possibility it could be a heat shield on your exhaust…or an issue with the muffler or exhaust leak?

WOW, I too have humming 05 hybrid. I’ve taken it to 5 different places. Finally took it to a dealer who said I needed a new transmission. ( My transmission does click when I put it in gear when cold) I decided to do more research, instead of throwing down 4k for new tranny. Recently had to change my battery and the hum actually went away for a while. Last night it was humming while idling in drive (so annoying). I left it in gear with the emergency brake on, opened the door and it stopped! I think tappet bros would agree, that’s not the trans. My next bet is to get a honda battery from a junkyard and try that. Whats your battery situation. So glad I found your post!

Low voltage can causing humming sounds from relays, electrical motors, and actuators. Whether your problem is battery related tho, no idea. You might could use a length of old garden hose as a stethoscope to narrow down where the buzz is coming from.

Maybe it’s just me. But just exactly why are you so glad you found this thread? It’s was over 5 years dead and offered no solution to the problem.


Those cars came with “Automatic Noise Control” to electronically counter cabin noise. Maybe yours is not active any more.


I misread the date as Dec 11 instead of Dec '11. A little wishful thinking, and a lot of not thinking, as in “duh”. Then there was Pam and Shauna, the women of my hybrid dreams. I had such high hopes for us, our Hondas humming harmoniously together as we drove into the sunset. So much for that idea. Come to think of it, I probably bought their old Accord.


Read this, it could be your problem

solution found! ANC (noise cancelling) system was activating speakers at inappropriate times. Found video on youtube

This was first video that I found. There are better, but problem solved. Cut and ground the wire. Now ANC thinks door is open. Does not affect function of car. Saved a glovebox of cash. Thanks for the replies.


Why not just disable it through the settings?

To do this press and hold the on switch on the radio and press and hold the tuning switch at the same time. Look in the heads up display for ANC Then while the two switches are held down, press the scan button. You should see ANC ON or ANC OFF. By pressing the scan button repeatedly the display will toggle between ANC on and off.