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Hi i need help to find the car model of this tail light

Hi if anyone know the car model of this tail light it would be very helpfull i tried to find it with the numbers i the back but no luck… that why im asking here if anyone have an idea that be awesome. Thanks in advance

Surf over to Google:Images. Click on the camera icon, then “upload an image”. Be sure to upload the full size image (1512x2016) Google will compare it to other photographs on the internet and post the best matches.

Something like a Honda CR-V?

Can the person/shop that sold you the part help?

If google images does not give you any hits wander through a Walmart parking lot and see if you can spot one.

*looks like a Volvo *

This was a tough one! I challenged several co-workers who all thought it was a probably from a Volvo. But pretty sure we figured it out, it appears to be an exact match for a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Sport.


Good job! What an oddball!