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Mystery: What car is this tail light from?

Or whatever kind of part this is? (Looks like a 90s white tail light to me.)

I?ve looked at 100s of cars and 100s of pictures online and not found anything that matches it.

Photo: http://ada…-piece.jpg

Many thanks!

It’s too small to be a tail light. More likely a reflective part of a side marker light. Is this idle curiosity or accident investigation? Are there any stampings on the piece?

Here’s two ideas.

Take the lens to a parts store and try to match it up.
Take the lens to a boneyard or two, peruse the grounds, and try to match it up.

Thanks a lot! That?s actually helpful. It?s for a hit-and-run (no injuries, thankfully, just a big deductible out of my pocket). The police took that piece as evidence, believing it to be a taillight and an indication that I was hit in reverse. But the geographic situation makes that odd: someone hitting me going forward just seems a lot more likely.

Now both mysteries are solved: they probably were going forward after all, because as you say, it?s not a tail light. It?s not a light at all, but the middle layer of a reflector, with the red surface layer and the silver inner layer both missing.

I now see that it?s from MY car that was hit (?99 Protege), and it?s normally buried deep within the red plastic of the tail light assembly, where you wouldn?t even know there WAS a piece unless you looked carefully at an undamaged Mazda

So I called the police and told them to cancel plans to comb the apartment complex for a neighbor missing that piece!