What are these tail lights on this Scion tc?

Anyone know what tail lights these are? Cannot find them for the life of me. Cars a Scion Tc 2005-2010 I believe, but if you know what the tail lights are, you probably already know that.

I have no idea what you are trying to ask . If you are trying to buy tail lights then an online parts store will do that.

Message the seller and ask them

@It_s-Me I am by nature a suspicious person . But the picture in your Ebay link is a perfect match for the one that Joshua posted . Also why not say what year vehicle you have . This might be amature Spamming .

It is not anything like that. I did in fact use that picture from the ebay listing as that was the only place I found those tail lights on my car. I have a Scion Tc 2007 and I’ve been looking for new tail lights and loved those ones. Only problem is that listing is the only place I’ve seen them and was simply wondering if anyone knew who manufactured them.

That Ebay listing seems to be only for the center mounted brake light . Also this site gets a lot of post from people who have replace their tail lights with LED that were not compatible and had problems.

Yes I know that’s for the center light, which again, is why I came here to see if anyone knows who manufactured the other tail lights.

That should have been in your original post . Contact the seller of the center light and maybe tthey might know where to get them .

You have a car like that that was only made for 6 years and is now 12+ years old, there is probably no one making custom lights for them anymore, the few styles you can find now are probably in very limited numbers and once sold out will never be made and sold again.

Even if you had a pair of those lights on your car, you wouldn’t be able to replace one of them if it broke.

That’s one of the problems with customizing a car with aftermarket parts, you can’t find matching replacements.

They only problem contacting the seller is would you actually trust a seller, that is advertising a light for a 2 door coupe, and in the product description states:

“ either a clear lens or smoked lens to match perfectly with the rest of your trucks unique style. If you want your truck to stand out from the crowd”

So their product made for a car is perfect for my truck?

Look I get your points man, but the only point of this thread was to ask a simple question that really is not that big of a deal. If you don’t know the answer then I don’t need any extra opinions that barely relate. Just a simple “ya I know what those are” or “nope sorry cant help”

Which is why I don’t intend on asking a random ebay seller who probably already forgot about his own listing

That looks like a TYC lamp with the turn signal and part of the reverse light darkened.



You’re absolutely right, amazing that you caught that man. With that in mind, might go and grab myself some. Thank you for the help!

I think they were discontinued years ago, you might find two used lamps that still work.

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