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Hi everyone!

Hey everyone, My name is Lachlan and I’m a newly registered member here. I am here to learn more about
cars before I purchase my first one I am open to suggestions from fellow
members. Great community you have here by the way. Thanks for letting me in.

What do you need from a car/vehicle? Long commutes, icy roads, room for a doberman, parking restrictions, etc.

Keep the shiny side up.

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If you’re buying a used car, arrange to take it to your mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. That might keep you from buying a car with a problem that’s expensive to fix, so most of us here think that’s money well spent.

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Hang around a bit. Read the posts. Ask questions even inside someone else’s post and folks will try to answer. You should learn quite a bit from just that and then post your own questions

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I hope you understand that the Real Purpose of this ‘forum’ is
for The Authorities to identify and track incorrigible
motorheads, people who want to drive and maintain their own
cars, so that when the Perfectly-Safe Future™ of
self-driving cars happens, they’ll deport us to a 'home’
upstate where we’ll drive around little bumper cars while
wearing VR headsets that make us think we’re driving Crown
Victoria Interceptors without governors, chasing down bad
guys, righting wrongs, etc., until we all die out.

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Welcome to the forums, plenty of fantastic advice on here from professional mechanics to DIY’ers. Even interesting reads when we inevitably draw topics way off topic :wink:

Personally, I like to buy used cars and keep them going as long as I can, but perhaps you’d rather have the peace of mind of a newer car. What kind of requirements were you looking at for a new vehicle?

And you’ll learn to take everything Random Troll says with a large grain of salt too :grin:


You need to know your actual budget , not what you think you can pay. Do you not have a friend or family member that might be able to help ? What do you expect the vehicle to haul and so many personal choices the possibilities are endless. If new go to every vehicle manufacture site you can find and it will have 360 degree pictures , prices and options.

I know a car salesman who is very successful and asks prospective clients a number of things.

  1. What is your main use; commute, grocery shopping, long distance driving, etc.
  2. How much space do you need? Just you and girlfriend or do you have a family?
  3. Do you need the car for business or your job? Some of our panelists are musicians with bulky instruments, for example.
  4. What budget or payments car you afford?
  5. Where do you live and what kind of winter conditions do you drive in?

Please fill us in and we can make a short list of vehicles that would meet your needs.

I don’t remember the thread name but some time ago someone posted requirements for a vehicle. People gave all sorts of recommendations. The poster actually returned and said they bought a new all electric BMW. A vehicle no one even thought about .

And when you are calculating your budget, don’t forget allowance for insurance and maintenance/repair.

Depending on car and age, the latter could be $1000 to $3000 per year. Insurance depends on your age, location, and car. Could be $800 to $3000 per year, at a guess.

I don’t know… after reading Random Troll’s :alien: comments above, I’d say he/she is about ready to have a head measurement taken for fitting a tin-foil hat or at least a spaghetti strainer! :wink:


Are you one of them? Be careful how you answer, people might leave this forum.

Isn’t that the first thing car saleman ask?

A first car is a very personal thing. You sort of have to go with your gut feeling on that one I think, about what you like. You’ll probably decide later on that wasn’t the best choice for your wallet, but, hey, you only are young once. I still own the 4 WD truck that was my first vehicle purchase, and while it isn’t the most practical vehicle, uses a lot of gas and rides like being on a horse, I still use it. So I can say from experience if you want a “different” looking vehicle, one with a little style, a nice shiny 4 WD truck is something to consider. It’s good for moving your stuff from place to place too, which you tend to do a lot when you are young.

If you want more practical vehicle with a good ride, a 4 door sedan is a better choice. I have one of those too. To get the best value for your money, focus on makes/models that sell in huge volumes. Econo-boxes in other words. The most popular, big selling cars. First, they are popular for a reason. Folks who buy them like them. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell in big numbers. Second, they are able to offer a high quality product without a corresponding hike in price b/c of their ability to benefit from economy of scale. They buy the parts to make the car is such huge numbers, they can negotiate a very good deal. Third, it will be easier and less expensive for you to obtain maintenance and repair parts on these cars. And finding a shop who knows how to do these services will be much easier, than say for a car for which few are sold.

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Wow what a crowd, I just flew in from Miami and boy are my arms tired. Welcome and have fun here like we do. The more specific the question the more specific the answer, we can even emoji :relaxed:

We did not let you in, all are welcome until the moderator boots you, which happens rarely.

Or potassium chloride if you have high blood pressure.

Why of course not :mask:

Consider consulting ‘Consumer Reports’. The April issue is devoted to cars. They keep track of maintenance records so have data on which are cheapest to keep.

Not everyone on medication for hypertension take Potassium Chloride…actually, there are medications where you don’t WANT to add any Potassium Chloride on :wink:

Brilliantly said :grin:


they’ll deport us to a 'home’
upstate where we’ll drive around little bumper cars while
wearing VR headsets

Wowsers, that is like so real, but they won’t let me take off my VR headset, I did not know they were bumper cars, all makes sense now thank you @RandomTroll :persevere:

That’s the second thing.

"What do I have to do to put you into this little beauty, today?" That’s first! :smiley_cat: