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Transmission for 2000 Dodge Durango 4x4 SLT

My transmission does not really shift between 2 & 3. It will go sometimes to over 4 RPM before shifting (long delay). The dealer advised me to replace the transmission @ $3500.00 (repair cost) but a third party mechanic replaced my speed sensor instead. The situation did improve but the issue is still around. Sometimes I have to release the gas pedal to force the shift.

Any suggestions.

Thank you.

The governor pressure sensor (Transducer) in these transmissions like to cause problems. Its quite possible this is your problem. Yes, the problem could be mechanical, such as the front clutch assy leaking but I would check all other avenues first. The transducer is easily checked with a scanner and a test drive.

By the way, what size engine is in your Durango. There are supposed to be two different transmissions for this year.