Hemi MDS major problems


You are confused. The oil will thinner at20/30 degrees than at 12 degrees.
What 0W20 means is that at low temp it flows like a 0 weight oil and at high temp it flows like a 20 weight.
All oils thin as the warm up but multi-grade oils don’t thin as much as straight grade oils.

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With my Diablo tuner it has the option to turn off my MDS in my 2006 dodge 1500. Try that If it works you know it’s the MDS screwing up you engine.


That was four years ago, Linc. I don’t think your advice is timely for the OP.


We purchased a 2014 Dodge Ram with the 6.4 liter engine that started making a noise at 98k miles. By 100k miles check engine light came on with cylinder 3 misfire code. Replaced all 16 spark plugs and code went away for a while but eventuality s came back. Replaced cylinder coil - no help. Replaced fuel injector and that seemed to help for a while but code came back. Took it to the dealer they said cylinder head needed replaced. It was just over the warranty (103,000). We got Chrysler involved, they wanted more diagnostics done, determined the engine was shot. It will be over $10,000 to replace the engine. Chrysler is only willing to go in half. We shouldn’t be having this kind of problem at 100,000 miles on a truck that costs as much as these do. We have had Chevy trucks that ran almost 500,000 miles with only maintenance required. Extremely disappointed in Chrysler. They wouldn’t return our phone calls and when the field manager finally did return a call she would only listen on another line while another girl callously told me there’s nothing else I can do about it. The dealer let me know they had another Ram with a 6.4 liter on the lot with the same problem. Do not buy a Ram with the 6.4 liter unless you are willing to replace the engine every 100k miles.


You may have had Chevrolet trucks go 500K miles, but there are many experiences of them not making 100K without major failure. Every manufacturer, even the “holy Japanese brands”, have an occasional lemon or other significant issue. I have met HEMI truck owners who are approaching or have even passed the 400K and 500K mark with minimal repairs/issues. I know a fellow with an old Toyota truck with over 1 million miles! But I also know someone who HAD a 4runner with the same mechanicals that had the engine grenade, despite being anal about proper maintenance, at just over 60K miles.

You didn’t mention if you purchased the 2014 new or used (with used, you never REALLY know how the vehicle was treated or maintained, even if you get maintenance records). If you purchased new - I’m curious as to why the repeated issues you experienced​ PRIOR to the serious failure and diagnosis were not addressed by the servicing dealership. If they were reported correctly, even though you went a bit over the warranty limit the last visit - the problem can easily be traced back to pre-expiration and would likely hold up in court in most states.


Michael , this thread was started in 2013 so I doubt if your post will reach who ever you are responding to.


Maybe - but my reply was to a post from just over a year ago (2018).