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For some odd reason, I cannot log off of this site. I’ve tried other sites and can log off without problem, however this one won’t shut down!

Hi TSM. Could you take me through what happens when you try? You mentioned logging off, but then you said it won’t shut down. I just want to make sure I understand the problem. Thanks.

I just tried it here, and no problem logging off this site. Same as usual.

TSM–While I have not had that problem with this site, if I did, I would simply do the old Control/Alt/Delete maneuver in order to be able to shut the site down on my computer.

TSM…try downloading Hit Man Pro and running it to clear any nasty programs on your computer. Just use the free 30 day activation if any suspect programs pop up. You can use it for free then uninstall later if you like. It works.

Signed out an in no problem, though I assume if I just close a browser window I am not shown as online. What is the real issue?

I’m good now, folks, but thanks a million for the support.
Merry Xmas everyone.

The problem was that I was totally unable to close the window no matter what I tried, but only on this site. Weird. But, in the bigger scheme of things, just a minor glitch. I walked away for a while and it logged off.