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2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 quad cab 4x4 .started stalling at Wilde while in gear and out.I took to auto zone fan scan once was the idle air control ,didnt work went back he said the throttle post ion sensor and 02 sensor was bad. I changed those still the same.went back said it was map sensor .ldidnt change that .I took it to a garage.they hooked it up coundnt get a good reading .said it was good then bad.they don’t know.he wants to call a dodge tech,at $40. A call does anyone no what it could be.

Could be a dozen different things, without a more detailed (and understandable) explanation it is impossible to say. In the future when you get it scanned, have them write down the code numbers that come up.

Could be a lot of things, but having more information would help a diagnosis. Do you have the actual error codes that you got from Autozone? Is the problem consistent or intermittent? Does it get worse or improve after warming up the engine?

There’s something more fundamental going on than four sensors failing at the same time. Spark plugs? Throttle? Aside from giving it a basic tuneup and checking for bad grounds or faulty wiring, I don’t want to give you any crazy suggestions. There are some good mechanics on this board who might stop by, though.

I would also get a better local mechanic who can diagnose this problem. You can use the “Mechanics Files” link above to get a list of mechanics near you.

I’d also recommend typing on a keyboard and checking over what autocorrect suggests.

The problem is the same hot or cold seems to run good when giving it gas .when I let off the gas and start slowing down the rpms go way down and wants to die.when I put it in park rpms jumps up a little then starts dropping .I took throttle body off and cleaned real good.had new plugs put in about six mouths you think a gas filter would cause the bad codes.

" do you think a gas filter would cause the bad codes."

No. The codes are due to either the computer having problems reading the sensors or the computer flaking out. This means a computer problem or wire harness problem. Could also be due to bad grounds, and bad grounds can fry the computer.