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Back again

OK like I said in another chat.2002dodge ram 15004x4 quad cab 4.7 liter started running at low rpms and low idle when stopping then started dieing took to auto zone .they said my idle air control was bad.then my throttle post ion sensor.then 02 sender then map sensor.took to a garage when they said map sensor.they checked it out at first they could get a good reading.then he did came up map sensor.he put thaton said it runs gold.but now I have no lights wipers or anything. he saying he thinks the front control module.should I just have him stop or what I already owe him $500.just for oil change and map sensor,and for some time trying to find what he thinks it might be.I don’t no what to do.don’t want to make him mad and fix it good for me.

$500 for an oil change and MAP sensor is outrageous. The MAP sensor is about a $50-$80 part and takes minutes to change. I would take it somewhere else. This guy seems to be throwing parts and your money at the problem and not diagnosing it. (and overcharging you to boot) I would check all the fuses in the power distribution center under the hood first for the power issue you’re having. You need a mechanic with a brain, not a (slight) ability to change parts and an apparently intimidating personality.

Yea I new the sensor was easy but I kept getting bad sensor readings from auto I figured something else was wrong so I took it to a garage.he hooked it up to his and couldn’t get a good reading then the next day he said he did and it was the map. The same one that I told him auto zone said hmmm. He replaced that.he said it ran good,so I had him change oil,then he called said I had no lights witch was working when I took it now he is charging me to figure out u think he will tear something up if just go pick it up and not let him finish.

Ok, you need a broader understanding of what error codes tell you. No error code can tell you that something like your MAP sensor or IACV is bad. All of these things are parts of systems and the codes point to a problem detected in system. At minimum every sensor has, of course, wiring between it and the PCM and wiring always has to be checked. But many sensors and other parts can be out of spec because of some other problem that is throwing it out of spec. The details always depend on the specific code.

In your current case, there’s no real way to comment in any definitive way because all you did is list a series of parts that you (or others) assumed were bad because of codes. If you truly have been getting this many error codes, then my first assumption would be that none of those parts or sensors were bad. Rather I would first assume that you have either PCM or power problems. Perhaps you could ignore the codes for a while and thoroughly check and clean all of your main power connections - battery, power distribution box, and especially the grounds. Find every ground wire and connection under the hood you can and check and clean etc. It would also be good to have a full check of the alternator. It is completely improbable that you had this cascade of failing parts.

Once you do that you might find that everything works again including the wipers and all of that. Or you might find that you do have problems with one or more computer control items.