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1996 izusu rodeo had cheak ingine light on got code for egr valve replaced it light whent out drove fine all day. stoped at grocery store came back out would not start …will crank over but will not start. did a obg (two) scan get a p1640 output A circut fault code along with a 1460 egr code… help anyone !?

If you’re serious about getting help, you’ll have to explain this in standard English. I know I won’t be bothering trying to figure out what you just said. Good luck.

Dude’s got issues. Cut him a slackburger. Anyone who can read English at a grade-school level could understand his post.

jstrealj: your best move is probably to take your car to a mechanic. If I knew more, I would tell you.

But first, have you tried jump-starting it?

The 1640 code is most likely due to a bad connection somewere…check this post Since it’s also throwing the EGR code (and someone had their hands on it playing with it), check that portion of the harness first. Specifically, make sure the EGR connection is actually connected, and tight.

If it cranks OK, there’s really no reason to jump it. There’s nothing wrong with the battery (yet).

His use of English isn’t nearly as bad as many I’ve seen. Heck, at least we got year/make/model and a couple faults on the first post. Normally you have to probe for that stuff. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

It also pays to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a code that says “replace EGR valve”. There are, however, several codes related to the EGR system as a whole, and the electronic controls for that system.

“will crank over but will not start”

Didn’t see the word “OK” in the post. I’ve seen it work.