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The big isuzu puzzle! think you can figure it out?

changed coil pack,ignition control module,map sensor,new plugs,wires,used sea foam,cleaned the sock on the fuel pump,new fuel filter,new alternator and catalytic conv. still have a terrible miss, and when i use lights and signals,etc the voltage drops to 8 volts??? the powertrain control module maybe? i cant figure it out!!!

Maybe you should put in a new transmission and a kitchen sink.

From your post it’s difficult to tell if you have 2 separate problems here or if there’s some overlap.
You state the voltage drops to 8 with lights and signals on. What is the voltage at other times?

Regarding the engine miss, have you had the vehicle scanned and if so is this miss related to a specific cylinder or is it a random misfire on all cylinders?
And how many miles on this vehicle?

If the engine miss is cylinder specific then you should go back and check the compression. This is something that should be done as Step One every time an engine has a performance problem, even on a low miles engine.

Tough one, good luck, if this is that screwy Isuzu/Honda 3.2 with the Delco module trade it, but then again it sounds like you want to throw good money after bad. 3.2 has a weak valve train, go for compression test for skip, check for grounding issue related to flashers

What year and how many miles on your Rodeo?

I would start with that CEL (check engine light) is just a kid in class waving her hand trying to get you attention because she has the answer. You need to have the codes read. Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact code (like P0123) not just their translation into English and post it back here.

Next I would want to find the cause of that low voltage. Have the battery and charging system checked, many auto part’s stores will check them for free.

Im sorry i know this is no help but the problem is uzu

Please use this advise for future vehicle purchases

Make two additional voltage mesurements. Start the engine, turn off all accessories and measure the battery voltage on the cable terminals and then on the actual battery terminals themselves. The boots covering the connections can be pulled back enough to access these spots. This will tell you two things; is the alternator working and is there a bad connection from the cables to the battery. Low bus voltage can easily be responsible for your miss and other troubles. Stop throwing parts at it, make these measurements and post back…

i used obd-i and the only code that was thrown was the map sensor, so i changed it, as far as the voltage… its normally 12. i know a 95 rodeo is no jewel… but man its the funnest, toughest vehicle i’ve ever had. thats why i want to fix it. i know i can probably get another car for cheaper, but this thing is my hobby, ya know? i will get the compression checked and i appreciate your help, thanx

its a 95 and its cocode 33 on the 3.2. the battery shows a strong 660 c.c.a, but i need to get the charging system checked. thanx

put a kitchen sink and a new basket on your power scooter old timer

175000 miles

i did not know this about low bus voltage and i really appreciate the idea… ill check it out tomorrow and definitley post on it thanx twinturbo

I would be checking grounds.