Engine light code P0406


I do not know allot about cars but was able

to figure out how to get this code when my

check engine light came on. Code means Exhaust gas recirculation sensor A circuit high. Does anyone know what this means and is

it expensive to fix. Have looked on line but don’t really understand what they are talking about.


GREAT,then fix it,techs only RIP people off.

if you got the code then you can FIX IT. very simple.


they are the same thing. I THINK.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that the EGR valve is bad and needs to be replaced. That’s only one possibility.

First I’d remove the EGR valve and see if the passages are clogged up with carbon; cleaning them out might do the job. Also, if this vehicle (it would help to know year, make, model, mileage) has a solenoid that commands the EGR valve to open and close, this solenoid might not be working properly.

Just a couple of thoughts.


The code is saying the circuit for the EGR valve has a higher than normal input condition. Check for a bad connection between the ECU and the EGR valve. You may want to clean the carbon deposits out of the valve also.