Nonesense code

I got a “check engine” light on my car a few days ago. When I checked the ECU it gave me 12 quick flashes with no pauses…which is a nonsense code, since they’re only supposed to flash in groups of 0 to 9.

Since the care is otherwise functioning fine I guess that means that there’s nothing really wrong. Should I try to clear the code from the ECU?

What kind of car, year make and model. This will help figure out the problem.

Make model year miles general condition repair history other issues?

bogus codes have always resulted in the replacement of the ECU regardless of make or model. It has been most common on GMs for me.

'89 Accord Lxi, 215,000 miles seems to be running OK, but once or twice today I had a hard time with starting the engine hot. Repairs over the last 7 years, too many to name, approx. $8000

Anyway, I’ve decided to take it in and see if my mechanic can make heads or tails of this. And then decide whether or not to make the repairs.

Thomas, you do not need to post this same problem twice, we have been answering your other post. We have been trying to get you to tell us whether your car is fuel injected or carbureted. That code 12 is not a nonsense code… It is an EGR code… Refer back to your other post and give us the information we need so we can help you…
What size engine do you have, and is it carbureted or fuel injected???


Another poster said that bogus codes means crazy computer. I’ll bet that you need a different car too. If not today, maybe tomorrow; if not then, sometime, soon.

A code 12 on an 89 accord is an EGR sensor fault. I’m not sure who told you there were only 9 codes, but they’re wrong. there are 13 that I can recall off the top of my head.

Do the codes above 9 consist of consecutive blinks, or do they have a blink-pause-blink to indicate the 2 digits? I’m not familiar with the particular car in question. I know that some cars would blink once, pause, then blink twice for a 12, or blink twice, pause blink 3 times for 23, etc. I think that is what the OP is expecting instead of 12 consecutive blinks.