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I am writing a novel and need to know:

How tall can you be and still be able to drive a VW Beetle (1970’s model)???

That was on an episode of The Simpsons.

and…? i didn’t happen to see the episode and don’t know if it would help me right now. any more info you can give me?

Almost any height. They had lots of headroom. Are you asking ‘possible’, or ‘want to’? 6’6" might be a reasonable max.

Tall enough for your feet to reach the pedals.

Sorry about your novel.

Cabriolet ? Top Up Or Top Down ?


The old Beetles had lots of headroom. A person would have to be VERY tall in order to be too tall for a Beetle.

Also, The Seats Would Go Back Quite Far, Rendering The Back Seat Almost Useless, But Good For Tall Drivers. I Wore Out Two “Old Beetles” And Had Tall Friends.

Another trick was to recline the seat back and change the body angle to allow more headroom as long as the driver’s arms were long enough to reach the steering wheel.


6’-4" no problem…If you lower the seat a little, 6-6

My '61 beetle had plenty of headroom with the seat lsid back.

It had no heat, no brakes, no handling, no padding, and absolutely no amenities, upside-down pedal levers, and you had to shut the radio off seperately after you shut the engine off, but it had plenty of headroom.

Unlimited with a sunroof.

…and if you had one older than '61, it also would have had no fuel gauge!

Did you ever wonder why Thomas Magnum never had the top on that Ferrarri?

Ha Ha good point!!