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Help with my truck's stereo!

OK- so here’s the deal. Last week when driving home from the coast, a nice 3 hour drive, the speakers on my stereo started having intermittent static- not just a little static, but nothing but static. Shortly thereafter, the stereo just cut out completely, and broadcast nothing but static from the speakers, the intensity and volume would not change when I switched inputs or changed the volume. Turning it off, then back on would temporarily fix the problem, but soon it returned to this staticy state and remained there permanently. I checked the connections, they all looked good so I replaced the head unit, but of course same problem again. Is this a problem in the wiring harness? Where do you think my problem originates and where should I be looking?

It sounds like a critical component, like a power transistor, is failing due to heat. In which case you need a new stereo, nobody fixes them anymore.

I replaced the whole head unit with a new one, and I still have the same problem, it’s constant now, has no relationship to heat.

You appear to have a short in the system. A few questions. Do you have a cd player and does it happen then.