Help with my Mazda 3

how do I get the gas out of a 2004 Mazda 3 to change the fuel pump I have tried different was to siphion it out

Use this

The best method that I know is this.

10 feet if 1/4 inch tubing. This must be thin wall and pretty rigid to be able to work it around the “Roll over” valve.

Cut 2 ft. from the tube.
Take the 8 foot piece and work it into the tank. You may have to twist the tube as you work it around the roll over valve.
Once the past the roll over valve push it in another 8-10 inches no more.
Blow into that tube and listen at the tank for bubbles. If you don’t hear bubbles you are either too far in, or not far enough.
Place the other end of the tube in the gas can.
Now take the 2ft piece…wrap a rag around it and stuff into the fill tube tryin to seal off the filler tube.
Blow into this short tube and you will be pressurizing the tank forcing the gas from the tank out the 8 ft tube.
Once the flow has begun you don’t need to do anything but watch.

If you have a air compressor you can use that to pressurize the tank.
Also with air…you can position the siphon hose just barely into the can and hold a spray nozzle directly in line with the end of the hose (next to each other). Spray airpast the end of the tube creating a “Venturi” effect wich will pull gas up the tube. Once it starts…sit back and watch.

One rule ; The end of the siphon hose that is in your gas can MUST be below the level of the gas in the cars tank. So don’t try to siphon into a can that is sitting on something next to the car. Keep it on the ground.
And always have a extinguisher around and do it in a well ventilated area…