Help with my 99 Pontiac

I have a 99 Pontiac Bonneville it just stopped working while driving down the road in the rain now I have no power at all and won’t start dead in the water any idea what’s going on?

What’s the charge on the battery at? How are the connections at the battery posts and at the starter/chassis ground?

I’m sitting in the car ATM and it’s freezing rain I’ll check posts can’t check battery nothing works

Played with the terminal car started up

Check the positive battery terminal for corrosion.

If it’s heavily corroded, replace the cable assembly.


If I had a car with a side post battery I would keep a 5/16/8mm wrench in the glove box.

My Corolla had a no-crank out of the blue. It happened when I tried to start the engine after I had stopped for gasoline during a rain storm. I noticed during attempted cranking all the dash lights would dim. I checked the battery connections, and the positive was a little loose. Twisting it slightly restored cranking.