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94 bonneville will not start!

Hi all!

I was driving on the freeway and the engine just died(no sputtering) for about a second it did this a few times so i pulled over and let the engine idle.I drove home.

The next day the car would not start. First thing i check was for spark and there was spark in #1 plug.

I then check for fuel at the filter and replaced it. plenty of fuel. I found a broken vaccum hose at the fuel pressure regulato. Replaced it.

The car started and i let it idle for 20 mins. When I put it in drive the engine died. I could smell fuel when trying to start so i check for spark.

I not getting spark at #5 plug. Ive checked the coils and to of then read 5.9 ohms and the thrid is 6.2 ohms. I also checked the ICM which the coils mount onto.

I checked the ICM with a test light and it flashes when cranking the engine. What ive done so far is replace the two coils. But to no avail.

Im thinking it might be the crank postioner not produce a strong voltage.

Also, what is this PCM i keep reading in forums?

Thanks for your help!