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Help with BMW Z4 Airbag Light

My 2003 BMW Z4 airbag light has been on for quite a while, and I need help with what to do to correct the fault.

You will have to get the Control Module for the air bags scanned for codes. I suspect that a BMW dealership will be the best candidate.

I believe this will require a visit to your friendly neighborhood BMW dealer. They can scan the airbag computer and determine what’s causing the light to be on.

Please be aware that if the light is on the airbags are disabled, and will NOT function in a crash.

Buckle up!

…and slow down–at least until you get the airbags working again.

By any means at your disposal,get the codes,these systems are too difficult to diagnosis without them. Myself, the most frequent airbag problem with the Z4 was the passenger seat occupancy detector. Not so hard to replace, the guys even like doing some clean work occasionaly. Has a door panel ever been off?(there are a half a dozen reasons at minimum to take a Z4’s door panel off) perhaps a side airbag is just disconnected. Still cost you a $100.00

I have a 2003 BMW Z4, while driving the airbag light on the panel came on and the “off” light next to the gear shift lever came on. had code checked and result was: 93E3 Passenger Air Bag Switch, also 93E7 under voltage. checked with BMW dealers in area and got these prices to replace the seat sensor mat on passenger side. $850.00 another dealer wanted $800.00 and another wanted $650.00. I chose the $650.00l and as usual any part replace and installed by BMW comes with a 2 year warranty…