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2003 Mazda 3

Anyone know how to reset/reboot the airbag codes? My car was hit in the front and deployed the airbags. So I replaced the sensors, airbags, airbag control module, and the seat belt that locked up. Now the light is still on though…I took it to autozone and the attempted to clear the code but it did nothing.

Airbags should only be repaired by dealer or qualified service. On some vehicles damage occurs to structural components just from air bag deployment. It can be ridiculous sometimes whats involved.


I would be surprised if anyone would reset airbag codes on a vehicle that was self repaired.

Did you try disconnecting the battery overnight? Maybe the computer has to go through a hard reset before it realizes there’s a new airbag and airbag module that’s been installed. Worth a try anyway. If that doesn’t work, may need a Mazda specific scan tool. Like the dealership has.

Couldn’t afford to have a shop do it. It was only $200 to personally do it. It’s simply plug and play.

I am currently trying the hard reset tonight. But I was curious if there was any other ways if this fails.

Yes, it has to be possible to turn that warning light out. But it may require a scan tool that has that specific function in its software. The mazda scan tool undoubtedly has that capability, but there may be aftermarket scan tools that can it too. Don’t know which ones though.

I would suggest that if you can’t afford to have a dealer at least scan the system, you can’t afford to drive that car. You don’t know at this point if the work you did was correct.

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I did it with a buddy that works at a body shop. We just didn’t have the time to see if the light was off or reset. I didn’t pos this car for anything but advice on how to fix the problem. Not get criticized. Thanks

Hopefully the hard reset will do it. If not, let us know how you finally resolve the warning light problem OP. BTW, are you sure it is a 2003? I don’t see a M3 for the 2003 model year.

Why would I pay a shop to install them for over $600 each just for the airbags, not including anything else when I have the know how to replace them myself? It’s not throwing old codes, just the original ones. So I believe I fixed the airbag issues, just need it reset. I even replaced the module

Accidentally put 03 instead of 2006. Sorry about that man

No worries. Your body shop buddy may have connections to someone that will lend you the scan tool you need, if it comes to that.

Unfortunately he no longer works there. He just got a better job last week. I meant to say he worked at one, not currently anymore though.

I should point out at this point none of my cars have airbags, so no actual experience w/this problem. But if your surf to Harbor Freight . com they list a bunch of scan tools and a chart showing their varying capability. Not suggesting to buy one there , but you might be ab le to get an idea what function you need for this ABS problem.

You will need to read the faults, there could be a fault in the occupant classification system.

Which seat belt did you replace?

Only the driver side because it wasn’t locked up. But passenger side was not.

You might try an android app called Forscan. It is a low cost app and paired with a $12 Bluetooth ELM 327 OBD 2 reader. It will allow you to read the engine computer as well as the other computers on the network including the airbag computer. The app is tailored to Ford and Mazda cars. It may allow you to see if there are any codes set. Not sure if it allows a reset but it is a cheap thing to try.

You will have to replace the other front seat belt, both front seat belt pre-tensioners should have deployed.

Just tried to swap it out and the old seatbelt isn’t locked but the replacement won’t unlock