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Air Bag Sensor Light

I have a 2004 Suzuki Fiesta and the air bag sensor light went on a few weeks ago and has not gone off since. So far, two mechanics cannot find the problem, but since Suzuki has very few dealerships around, I’ve taken it to my mechanic, not the dealerships mechanic. Does anyone have any idea what the prob could be? I have checked the fuses, and the mechanics checked the electronics for a short. Nothing showed up. My next resort is to drive over 30 miles to take it to the dealership in another county:(

Do you mean Suzuki Forenza? I’ve never heard of a Suzuki Fiesta.

If the air bag light is on, the airbag system is disabled, and will not work in the event of a crash. Please be aware of this, and make sure you buckle up.

You’re probably going to have to go to a Suzuki dealer for this.

Yes, I meant to say Forenza. Do you have any idea what kind of expense I would be looking at?

Is your local guy saying his scanner doesn’t read air bag codes? You need to be able to read codes to work on air bags.

Do you have a body shop in your town? The reason I ask is because most of them have airbag scanners, and can determine the problem. Others need to farm this out, and can recommend a shop. They need to be able to fix airbag system problems with collision repair and can help.

Usually, only Dealers can accurately diagnose and repair SRS (airbag) systems. $700-$1200 is the usual cost to restore the system.

I have a 2005 Suzuki Forenza … I too have the same kind of issue… I researching I found a Technical Service Bulletin from Suzuk. Under the front Seats there is a connecotr for the air bags. If something rolls under the seats and hits the sensor then it will interupt the connection of the connector causing the Air bag light to come on or if you adjust the seats all the time… this will also set off the sensor becuase when the car was manufactured they zip tied the connector to the bottom of the seat. Becuase there is a TSB on this the Dealer should be able to fix this at no charge. It is actually an easy fix… Search the internet for TSB’s for the Year Make and Model of the car. If you don’t see it under a 2004 look under a 2005. and the TSB will tell you the easy fix…