Help with a 2004 Pacifica

Hey first time posting… I am looking for some help with at 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. I just replaced all 4 Motor mounts, a water pump, timing belt and a radiator. Now the vehicle will crank and run, sounds fine, but now I have a p0016 error, and when I attempt to accelerate the vehicle will not go above 2.5k rpms. The vehicle starts to jerk. When doing the timing belt we put it at top center but when we released the tension the belt adjusted less than 1 tooth difference. Just trying to see if you all think its a timing belt issue or any other ideas. Thanks

I can pretty much guarantee it is a timing belt error. Getting the timing close is not acceptable. It must be dead-on correct for the engine to run correctly. The P0016 code is the tattle-tale that just ratted you out!

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that’s was I was thinking I was just wanting to make sure there wasn’t something else that could be it. is there any secret to getting them lined up right?

No secret, just patience and perseverance.

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