Lack of power help

Hello everyone My name is Michael I’ve recently changed my water pump and timing belt I feel a lack of power after I did this job with the the help from good old youtube i just feel i made a mistake along the way my car feel sluggish and week but no check engine light on no smoke a minor shake but it does get up to speed havent really stepped on it tbh im nervous its going to brake but i let it run for about two hours after the initial then took it for a shorth ride any ideas out there

It sounds like you did not get the timing marks lined up quite correctly. I’d guess the cam is retarded a tooth. Back to to the wrenches.

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Accord? So it’s v6? 2 cam sprockets. Twice the chance of error.

Try driving the vehicle a while longer and see if the Check Engine light comes on with a P0016 code.


If it were me, I would go back in and recheck all of the timing marks. Since it’s an interference fit engine hopefully if there is a timing mark error it’s not more than a tooth off. Much more can lead to cylinder head valve damage and loss of compression when intake valves hit piston tops.

If valve damage is present it’s quite possible this could happen in a split second upon startup and not even be noticed. Hopefully that is not the case.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but whenever I change a timing belt I always rotate the engine over by hand 4 or 5 times until the marks line up as they should followed by rechecking all bolts for tightness.