2006 Chrysler 300 P0016

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 touring… 3.5 v 6 engine… recently changed water pump and timing belt … check engine light comes on I get code p0016… camshaft and crankshaft sensor… is this something to worry about … is it that timing belt is slightly off timing or is it bad sensors… car turns on fine and does not overheat…

That fault is usually caused by the timing belt being off by one or more teeth.

So you don’t think is a camshaft senor or crankshaft sensor that went bad?

The timing belt was installed incorrectly.



Would it be a major problem if I don’t get this fix… what are consequences if I don’t fix this??? Mechanic did the job and said timing is fine… he probably is being lazy and does not want to go back in there and fix so he says it’s the sensors he’s giving me the runaround… I paid 325 for labor water pump and timing belt

Check Engine light on all the time?

How would you know if something else goes wrong that would turn the Check Engine light on?

Only this time it destroys the engine?

Bring the vehicle to a REAL mechanic and have the timing belt reinstalled correctly, so the Check Engine light turns off.


So in the long run it will mess up my engine… the mechanic that did the job gave me a bs run around story that the timing can not be off otherwise my car would not start or it would overheat … I dont know who to trust or how much money is this going to cause me now to get it fix and stuff… he told me not to worry about it that the car would not leave me stranded or break down on me… I should have just taken it to the dealer

Will the car give me bad Gas mileage as well to do the timing being off??? The car has always been a Gad gussler but now I noticed it burns a little bit more

I’m going to ask you a simple question.

If you’re trying to avoid having to go back and have the timing belt installed correctly, then why did you have the timing belt/water pump replaced in the first place?

Why didn’t you just drive the vehicle until either one failed and destroyed the engine?


Well the water pump was leaking timing belt was not giving me any issues it was just that If you change water pump you mite as well Changing belt according to mechanic the check engine light appeared after the job was done and then the mechanic gave me the runaround… I changed the timing belt because I wanted too if I knew I was going to have this crappy mechanics do it I would have just changed the water pump .

A shop w/a Chrysler scan tool can test the two sensors for you. They need to be working correctly as the computer uses them to set when in the cycle to fire the spark plugs and inject the gas. If that’s not correct it could cause detonation and damage to the engine, and/or could damage the cat. It’s not possible to tell if the problem is one or both of the sensors, or the tone rings the sensors sense, or if it is just that the timing belt isn’t correctly aligned to the engine’s designed timing marks. It’s also possible there is no problem at all. There’s no harm done to replace the two sensors I guess; worse case is you’ll be out about $100 for each one and didn’t solve the problem. But if you are a gambling person, there’s a chance doing that might solve the problem too. If it only cost $325 labor to replace both the water pump and timing belt, it obviously isn’t going to cost that much more in labor to double check the timing belt alignment install. From the posts we get here it is quite easy to get the timing belt off a notch or two. Not on the 300 in particular, but in general. If this were my problem , and given it happened immediately after a timing belt/water pump replacement job, first thing I’d do is take the timing covers off and double check the timing belt alignment.

I changed both sensors erase check engine light and it came back on… I noticed from time to time car makes humming noise like if it’s loud fan so I have to turn engine off and then it stops … I’m not sure what that is all about…and I don’t have the ac on so I don’t know why that loud noise

I have seen several 3.5 L Chryslers with the timing belt off by a tooth, that fault is not caused by a failing sensor.

With the cam sensor positioned on the left camshaft this fault indicates that at the very least the left cam is out of time. I have seen engines with the only the right cam out of time, that can’t set a P0016 fault but the customers complained that the idle wasn’t as smooth as before and I could see that the fuel trim was off on that bank.

You are going to have to remove the timing belt cover and correct the timing.

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I hear a loud humming noise from time to time and I don’t thinks it’s the fans because I don’t have the ac when that happens … I’m not sure if that sound is coming cause of possible timing issue even though car starts and does not overheat and accelerates fine… it sounds like a plane so what I do is turned the engine off let it sit there for a while then turn back on and noise is gone… it happens from time to time…

The noise is probably from a noisy radiator fan motor. The fans will operate based on coolant temperature, transmission temperature and refrigerant pressure. If you hear the noise and switch off the A/C the fans may continue operate for 10 to 15 seconds until the refrigerant pressure is reduced to the shut off point.

Open the hood a see where the noise is coming from.

This happens even if the ac is not on… it feels like a helicopter it seems like it comes from the engine I hear the noise even when I don’t have the ac on… you think this might be related cause if the timing issue it’s like a humming hissing noise as if it were coming from the timing cover ?? I know it can’t be the fan cAuse they could be loud but then they should come to a stop you get me … car does not overheat at any point though … I’m not sure how much a mechanic will charge me to check timing alignment I know if I take it to Chrysler I don’t know how much they will charge you know…

No need to guess. Ask your shop what that job would cost.